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Tue, Jul 03, 2018

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ASTORIA, OR - July 3, 2018 - A plan for the improvement of the Uniontown area was given the green-light by The Astoria City Council in February of this year. “Uniontown Reborn, Creating a Great Pacific Northwest Gateway to Astoria” is a Transportation and Growth Management (“TGM”) Program grant from Oregon Department of Transportation and the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development. 

The objective of this project is to better integrate transportation and land use planning and develop new ways to manage urban development growth that is pedestrian, bicycle, and transit friendly. 

The Uniontown Reborn project will include the portion of West Marine Dr. from Smith Point roundabout to Bond St. in Astoria. The Study Area includes land adjacent to West Marine Dr. plus land to the north that is designated for commercial, industrial, and mixed-use development. The Project will consider improved connections between West Marine Dr. and residential areas to the south, but will not address the residential area beyond the homes adjacent to West Marine Dr.

The study will also lay the groundwork for engineering and construction of streetscape and gateway improvements, all with zoning code requirements and impacts on development in mind.

The study is being conducted by engineering and planning firm CH2M, recently acquired by Jacobs Engineering Group. Work began in May and will continue through May 2019. It will provide a design concept for West Marine Drive which will include improved traffic safety for bikes and pedestrians and Sunset Empire Transit District service.

The City of Astoria is conducting a survey among citizens, businesses and property owners located in Uniontown. Feedback collected from the neighborhood as well as public involvement is essential to the success of the plan and future development in the neighborhood.

Go to to voice your opinion. The survey will close on July 18, 2018.

Uniontown serves as a gateway to Astoria and as an important center for industrial and commercial activity. The Astoria Megler Bridge brings people across the Columbia from Washington, and the New Young’s Bay Bridge brings people from the coast. The waterfront area houses Port of Astoria facilities including the West Basin Marina, and Port offices. Several hotels are also located on the waterfront.

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