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Tue, Sep 05, 2017

Astoria Parks & Recreation provide multiple sports opportunities for people of all ages. Astoria Parks & Recreation is looking for qualified referees and officials for basketball, volleyball, flag football and softball (each seasonal).

EXAMPLES OF ESSENTIAL DUTIES: (Illustrative only. Any single position of a class may not include all of the essential duties listed and many positions will involve essential duties, which are not listed.)

1. Keep control of the game by making appropriate calls as needed.  Including, the ability to maintain a controlled environment where participants follow the rules

2. Understand the rules and any variations to rules in the youth program for development purposes.

3. Work courteously with other staff and be fair and consistent with the general public.

4. Maintain a neat and professional appearance; reports for work punctually and in uniform.

  1. Sports officials need to be in good physical condition and able to stay actively involved in the game (i.e. running up and down the basketball court).
  2. May also supervise the gym facility during games and perform other miscellaneous duties as needed.
  3. Must be able to work with limited or no supervisionQUALIFICATIONS A solid understanding of the rules for the sport officiating is a must. Experience working in a previous position officiating is desired but not necessary. CPR/First Aid Certification preferred.

Part-time position.  Pay is $12.00-$18.00/hourly.

 Apply online at: 

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