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Make your beans count!

Wed, May 01, 2019

The Astoria Co-op is partnering with the Astoria Parks, Recreation, and Community Foundation to raise money for Parks and Recreation scholarships through the Co-op's "Change for Community" program. The scholarships provide low income individuals and families to access the pool, swimming lessons, sports teams fitness classes and other local park and rec programs.

Change for Community  reaps big rewards for the community and planet. It’s been a great success and due to your generosity. Last year, the Astoria Co-op raised $7,359 in donations! The program also incentivized the use of more 38,000 reusable bags.

There are three ways for customers to help:
  1. Round up your purchase total to the nearest dollar
  2.  Bring a bag and donate your reusable bag credit (in the form of a bean worth 5¢)
  3. Share your pocket change
Fun fact: Beans for Bags  has incentivized the use of 144,045 reusable bags and supported 35 different community organizations with $7401 in donations since May 2015. The co-op will continue to incentivize reusable bags and raise funds for community with Change for Community.


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